Kerezsi Nemere

Born in Sepsiszentgy├Ârgy in 1979, he currently lives and works in Budapest.

In his view, the human condition and role in the world is the easiest to pin down at the intersection of unrelated things. The combination of the right there and right then with formative presence can lead the observer to recognize coincidences. When chance seems to take over, he points out correlations in different networks of reference and these reinforce his inner sense of safety. Discovering and exploring the everyday miracles of his environment offers him a parallel habitat which both presupposes and generates the sense of freedom. As such, he regards his creative activity as a search for liveable spaces and an attempt to present this quest.

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Nemere Kerezsi: Prismstamp, 2007

Nemere Kerezsi: In the Apiary, 2011-

Nemere Kerezsi: Caprices de Berlin - Olympiastadion, 2012

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