The aim of the award

The Leopold Bloom Art Award is aimed at supporting  contemporary visual artists in Hungary and their presence in the international art scene.

The award aims to strengthen the presence of Hungarian Art in an international arena.  Its primary aim is to support the promotion of Hungarian artists with prestigious international exhibition spaces, introduction of artists to the international scene and help progress their career development.

The award is named after the Hungarian-born hero of one the most important works of modern literature, James Joyce's Ulysses. Consistent with the important values of the award and the Irish founder, Leopold Bloom is the symbol of the paradigm-changing art, travelling, internationalism, and last but not least, of Irish-Hungarian relations.



The founders of Leopold Bloom Art Award are Mary Mc Loughlin, and John Ward, who with their exemplary activities as collectors and connoisseurs are committed supporters of contemporary art. They have created the Leopold Bloom Foundation, which welcomes all who also consider Hungarian art important, and would like to act for it.  



Artists who work in Hungary can apply to participate in the award by submitting a presentation of their work together with a plan to exhibit internationally. 


The prize

The Award endowed with € 6,000 will recognise the work of the winning contemporary Hungarian artist, supporting their foray into the international scene through an independent exhibition outside Hungary. The finalists receive a fee of  € 1,000 each.


The general course of conduct

The selected finalists will have their work shown at the Leopold Bloom Art Awards exhibition.

The submitted digital portfolios of the artists in the awards exhibition will be presented to the International Judging Panel, which consists of three jury members. Having rigorously examined the work of each artist at their studio the jury will select a winner.

The judging process is independent from the Hungarian art establishment and is totally independent from any outside influences.