Kudász Gábor Arion

I was born in 1978 in Budapest, I live, work and teach here.

I love watching people from a distance. Over the past one and a half decade I was interested in the outer world. My works mainly have a documentarist motivation, but I see exciting opportunities in combining them with organized elements. I examined the symbiosis of people and the environment in some ambitious series, tried to find solutions for environmental problems AND to discover order in the conflict zones of peripheral areas, watched the alienation.Then in 2010, all of a sudden - which was a surprise even for me - my interest turned towards the inner world, my direct human relationships, private history and the exploration of the mechanics of memory.

My current work attempts to reconcile these two opposing directions, to reach a synthesis. Within an extreme microcosm that totally lacks any stimulus - in a brick factory -, I am dealing with the universal questions of the human scale.

Since 2013 I have been leading the Photography Masters Degrees of Moholy-Nagy University of Art. Between 2007 and 2010, I continued my doctoral studies with a scholarship and according to my plan I will defend my dissertation in the Spring of 2016.

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Gábor Arion Kudász: Human Scale (series), 2014-2015

Gábor Arion Kudász: Memorabilia (series), 2010-2014

Gábor Arion Kudász: Human Scale (series), 2014-2015

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