Szabó Eszter

In the past few years I have been doing series of paintings and videos. The videos were animations based on my paintings. These short clips are loops, in which I reveal some of the simplest repetitive actions of human kind. The issues I was dealing with could be best described as desires and struggles, the passion and irritation built up in the everyday people. My aim was to try and direct the viewer’s attention from obvious ‘outstanding’ and ‘extreme’ things to these seemingly uneventful moments. Basically I was trying to distillate the mood that one can feel in Eastern Europe, especially in Hungary.

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Eszter Szabó: Couple, 2009, aquarell on latex, 12x15 cm

Eszter Szabó: István, 2010, aquarell on latex, 12x15 cm

Eszter Szabó: How much is a kilo, 2010, akvarell on latex, 12x15 cm

Eszter Szabó: Common sense no3., 2013, mixed media, 10x11x11 cm

Eszter Szabó: Adam 2053, 2010, HD videoloop, 8min

Eszter Szabó: Fans, 2012, akvarell on latex, 15x15 cm

Eszter Szabó: Niagara, 2011, aquarell on latex, 12x15 cm

Eszter Szabó: Our Lady, 2012, oil on paper, 23x30 cm

Eszter Szabó: Sassetta Speedcore, 2011, HD videoloop, 1 min

Eszter Szabó: Maria, 2010, HD video, 2min 47 sec

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