Albert Ádám

My artistic attitude is to reflect on a wide scale of cultural‐intellectual transmission (that is, the means and modes of knowledge production) that traverse through historical time and geographical space. These socio‐political problems however are not addressed directly, rather I place (or displace) certain questions or aspects of socio‐cultural problems into the sphere of aesthetics. Therefore the technical‐artistic form of an artwork, the skill of making an object is also an important aspect of my art. Most of my works are presented in the form of thematic installation, because it can provide space for presenting divergent questions in a subtle and indirect way by the juxtapositions of multiple perspectives. These installations make up a context of social, cultural, historical, political or economic criticism that are research‐based, and do not only concentrate on the present, but are in‐depth historical researches. These however point beyond the sole invocation of the past in the context of the exhibition, my aim is to reveal intricate networks of knowledge systems, their co‐existence and their not always visible relatedness. I implicitly direct attention to how the framework of contextualization can switch perspective or produce constellations that reinforce or maybe subvert the order of things. Through the realm of the aesthetic I attempt to understand and criticize the mechanisms of of power relations, biopolitics, knowledge productions, or geopolitical basis of social realities.

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Ádám Albert: Descriptio, installation, 2013

Ádám Albert: Never take a trip alone, installation, 2011

Ádám Albert: The Bauxit Crisis, 2014

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