Kis Róka Csaba

I very much enjoy using the elements and motifs of Venice painting in my works, as well as the exaggerations and dense atmosphere of b-category horror movies or heavy metal album covers, and of course the humor that turns up in them. I often depict figures based on baroque paintings and intersperse them with soldiers from the 19th and 20th centuries. This way I can make the event of the painting timeless.

Among my recurring motifs are the bearded bald men, hussars (cavalryman), pioneer boys of the communist dictatorship, schoolboys, various domestic animals, peasants, puttos, or houses, building estates, ruins of the Eastern European block.

The figures are cutting, chopping themselves, each other, or are having sexual acts with each other and animals. The act is enhanced by the calmness of the background. The figures tend to have numb, emotionless expressions, they look as if they were out of their bodies.

Working with these motifs I try to express myself in a way that may be understood as a reference to the current political situation as well as my art to be seen in a universal manner. I never aim to paint closed meanings. What I find more interesting is to paint from the realm of subconscious.

Nowadays the size of my paintings are over 150 centimeters. It enables me to pile more motifs then before, to use the effects of allegoric paintings and to provoke more bizarre impression. I try to enhance this effect with the titles. This way makes it possible for me to define certain things that are essentially working in all humans under the surface of morals, such as domination, lust for power and repression or enslavement.

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Csaba Kis Róka: Homecoming, 2011 (oil on canvas, 55x69 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka: Even the World Ain't Eternal, 2010 (oil on canvas, 50x110 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka: Panel-program,
2010 (oil on canvas, 90x80 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka: Phallic Triumph of the most Ancient Unwritten Laws, 2011 (oil on canvas, 180x160 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka: It's a Small World, 2010 (oil on canvas, 80x50 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka: Neighbours, 2010 (oil on canvas, 140x170 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka : Touch, 2010 (oil on canvas, 170x140 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka: New Moon, 2011 (oil on canvas, 160x60 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka: Proud Pressure-Rascals, 2011 (oil on canvas, 160x150 cm)

Csaba Kis Róka: You Can Do It, 2010 (oil on canvas, 30x40 cm)

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