Vécsei Júlia

I have been drawing for a while. There is a piece of blank paper in front of me. I try to surprise myself every single time I am working. My artworks are born from each other, and even have an impact on one another, but I have the benefit of not having to begin the next phase from where I finished the last one. Drawing gives the opportunity for immediate reaction. I fancy smooth correction and the overwriting of thoughts; I use them for inspiration when it comes to the subject itself, but they play a great role in the process of creating an artwork. Life itself is marked by wills and corrections as well.

I work with common stories and situations, and with the combination of them. When creating a picture, I highlight, recycle, and remove elements and situations – having nothing in common – and correlate them. It’s like drawing on both sides of a card, twist it, and – due to the inability of the eye – the two pictures will become one. It’s a kind of trompe-l’oeil, I place elements next to each other without any order and connection. This kind of construction applies for the process of creating as well, the subject and the form of appearance are results of a long transaction.

Sometimes I recreate, under a new form; the recaption of thoughts is something I am really interested in. Human relations and the absence of communication are a big deal of my inspiration. Sometimes I base my work on a personal story. As words have an impact, art has too – that is what I’m trying to express, to show how a painting has an excess of meaning, comparing to other pictures.
I am passionate about contingency and hazard. The artwork changes, or even disappears through accidential moves, interventions, impressions. It’s like when the unpredictable creates, based on the initial purpose. Not every piece of art is destined for eternity. Absence and change are basic elements of my work.

My paintings got stuck in this empty world (the blank paper). I seek minimalism, in order to validate the existence of the elements through their determination, their declaring aspect and through the tension. My drawings and watercolor paintings are characterized by reduced colouring and are often completed by textual parts. Words and sentences are equally important, helping the comprehension is not their only task. I welcome new techniques and solutions, they contribute in broadening the possibilities of expression. Although these techniques and solutions must have a connection with the content. I consider the setting of the installation as part of the artwork, as drawings come to find their ideal place in the space they are placed to.

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Júlia Vécsei : Quiet, Calm, Disintegrating Fancies, 2008 (watercolour on paper, 21x29,7 cm each)

Júlia Vécsei: Cube Mute, 2008 (pen, watercolour on paper, 18x25,5 cm)

Júlia Vécsei: Taken in Itself, 2010 (graphite powder, pigment, glass, wood cube, neon tube, 70x70 cm each)

Júlia Vécsei: Untitled, 2004-2005

Júlia Vécsei: Proof-Reading, 2010 (indigo on paper, 21x29,7 cm)

Júlia Vécsei: Measure (Glasses), 2007 (graphite, glass)

Vécsei Júlia: ..., 2010 (pigment, plexiglass lamp-shell, neon tube, 154x120 cm)

Júlia Vécsei: Paperman, 2008 (pen, watercolour or pencil on paper, 21x29,7 cm each)

Júlia Vécsei: Additional Proof-Reading, 2010 (ink and indigo on paper, 21x29,7 cm)

Júlia Vécsei: It Was Cut off Somewhere, 2007 (installation: text, stickers, objects, video, drawings)

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