Agnes von Uray

"In her works Agnes von Uray compresses emotional states, networks of relationships and existencial experiences of the post-Communist society. Her pictures get under the skin and convey the experience of emptiness, loneliness and uncertanity. Her figures are nighthawks lost in thought, focusing on themselves without being aware of themselves, searching for themselves and yet remaining alone. Forcefully, using her own style of painterly realism, the artist shows the lack of meaning in many of society's conventions and the strings pulling the puppets of the events culture that defines life in society today".

Preliminar of the catalogue planned by Kerber Verlag

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Agnes von Uray: Debutanten, 2010 (oil on canvas, 150x200 cm)

Agnes von Uray: Suspect, 2008 (chalk on paper, 53x75 cm)

Agnes von Uray: Wolf Shadow, 2008 (oil on canvas, 61x75 cm)

Agnes von Uray: Theatre, 2007 (oil on canvas, 35x55 cm)

Agnes von Uray: What's next, 2005 (oil on canvas, 95x68 cm)

Agnes von Uray: Women, 2005 (oil on canvas, 105x145 cm)

Agnes von Uray: Behind the Fence, 2008 (chalk on paper, 50x37 cm)

Agnes von Uray: Heroine, 2007 (oil on canvas, 115x195 cm)

Agnes von Uray: Closed Garden, 2009 (oil on canvas, 160x140 cm)

Agnes von Uray: Prayer, 2011 (oil on canvas, 25x30 cm)

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