Katarina Šević

In my work I am involved in a range of subjects and I integrate several strategies. My themes lay on the interconnections of Art, Design and Society, questioning the normative historical narratives. Therefore my work is most often formulated and presented through a series of objects, related to performative situations and events, regularly involving text or narration. My projects are process-based, and I work with means of extensive research. While using archival references and sources in many of my projects, I also tend to question the political significance of archives and their roles in the formation of canons and how they are perceived in the society. I am particularly interested in the narrative aspects of marginal symbols of collective memory. I often engage in collaboration, relying on the participation of (large) groups of volunteers and friends. I regularly work with the artist duo Tehnica Schweiz (Gergely László & Péter Rákosi).

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Katarina Šević: News from Nowhere (detail), object, wood, ongoing project

Katarina Šević - Tehnica Schweiz: Alfred Palestra, performance, Lycée Émile Zola, Rennes, France, 2014

Katarina Šević - Tehnica Schweiz: Gasium et Circenses, performance, 2013

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